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About Me

I am a writer specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and history. I am a futurist with a keen interest in the past.

My writing career formally began in journalism. I published works on everything from longevity research in mice to artificial intelligence in Switzerland; from the rise of surveillance cities to the “disinformation age” of the world wide web; from the search for life on Mars to the question of whether human society will survive tomorrow’s Internet-of-Everything. I’ve gone undercover with the skeptics movement and covered politics, social media, video gaming, and more.

Mostly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, my interest is science-fiction. In the ideas, people, and places that may yet arrive. My work regularly appears in the world’s top fiction markets, including Analog, Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF, Nature Futures, Galaxy’s Edge, Pseudopod, Escape Pod, and much more.

But first, a quick trip backwards. My initial experience with literature was when my mother would read aloud from a lavishly-illustrated edition of A Thousand and One Nights. That led to late nights and early mornings of typing out my first stories on onion-skin stock with my blue metallic Brother 11.

While I still do write nonfiction, it is science-fiction which has become my preferred path and field.

You are cordially invited to the Works section, for free samples and publishing credentials. Thanks for visiting my virtual home.

A stone’s throw from the crest of Mount Fuji

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  1. tcolada84 says:

    I just saw that your new book is coming out next year. I am looking foward to reading it. I wish you the best of luck on it. I am sure it will bring you great success, it is well deserved. Your a brillant writer.

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