Birthday ’08

I am born.

Today is my birthday.  The Earth has flung itself around the sun once more and I’m here to enjoy it.  I’ve gotten some wonderful birthday messages from my good friends including a stellar voice message from my friend Maria Orsini who, as an actress/singer would, sang my birthday song in a Broadway-style extravaganza.  Her voice is wonderful.

Human beings used to live only 20 or 30 years. Now we’re pushing a hundred.

If I reach 100 years, the Earth may have up to 9 billion people.

If Ray Kurzweil is correct with his guestimations, the technological Singularity will be achieved by then.

Of course (and this does tie into that last point) I want to live forever.  As I wrote in my article “The Future of Immortality,” human beings are always improving ourselves if at times it seems the opposite is true.  Death is natural, but not everything natural is good.


Watching this Week: Time After Time, Il Postino, Lost in Translation, Krull.

Reading this Week: Flatland by Edwin Abbot, and Sphereland by Dionys Burger


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