Blog Reborn – September News

The boiling summer of 2015 is nearing its fiery end, and autumn is just around the corner. September is my birth month, and so a good time to give my blog a much-needed rebirth.

This month sees a spate of publishing news and free fiction. I explore the dark future of social media in “Love Among Dead and Crawling Things” published in AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review. Come visit a most peculiar winter in “Hic Sunt Monstra” in Galaxy’s Edge. Find out what it’s like to work as a lowly secretary for the Illuminati in “Distant Gates of Eden Gleam” featured in Alex Shvartsman’s Funny Science Fiction anthology. And take a trip into the year 2065 in “Chasing Comets,” featured this month in Crossed Genres.

This blog post also represents something of a new chapter in my life. A lot has happened since I last posted. 2013 saw me turn away from journalism and focus almost exclusively on science-fiction. It’s no surprise, really, since sci-fi has always owned my heart.

The works published this month represent a wide cross-section of the genre, too. There’s somber and sweet, comedy and tragedy, addiction and hope.

Thanks for stopping by.



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