Redspace Rising is Out!

It’s official: my novel Redspace Rising is now available everywhere books are sold!

Publisher’s Weekly calls it a “nimble, bloody space opera… Trent works in some thought-provoking speculation on the pliability of identity and technology’s ability to change human nature.” And indeed, the book is an examination of war, propaganda, memory and identity.

Set a thousand years from now on a Mars torn apart by civil war, the book opens with our main character–Harris Alexander Pope–waking up surrounded by dead bodies. It doesn’t take him long to realize that moments ago, he was one of those dead bodies. He’s been resurrected, his original personality re-inserted, as part of a long-running undercover operation to end the war. And that’s just the beginning.

In the far future revenge does not stop with death. 

Harris Alexander Pope is the man who ended the Partisan War on Mars. All he seeks now is solitude and a return to the life that was stolen from him. Yet when he learns that the worst war criminals are hiding in other bodies, he is forced into an interplanetary pursuit.

Teaming up with other survivors eager for their own brand of vengeance, Harris begins to suspect a darker truth:

Maybe what he remembers about the war isn’t what happened at all…


Redspace Rising is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your local bookstores, and straight from the wonderful people at Flame Tree Press. And for some behind-the-scenes info, SF reviewer Paul Semel recently interviewed me on inspirations and process for his very cool site.


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