Ten Thousand Thunders is released!

On October 6, 2018 a new science fiction book entered the world: my novel Ten Thousand Thunders has officially hatched, flown into bookstores, and is making the rounds into reader hands.

The reviews are likewise pouring in from some dizzyingly wonderful sources:

Ten Thousand Thunders is a thrilling science-fiction adventure from first page to last. Brian Trent is one of our very best new writers and now’s the time to start reading him.” (Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Flash Forward and Hominids)


Ten Thousand Thunders is a remarkable book, showcasing many of Brian Trent’s talents. He has created a believable and fascinating future, visited it with a plot any science fiction writer would be proud to have created, and — most important– populated it with believable, motivated characters. Hats off to the new kid on the science fiction block!” (Mike Resnick, 5-time Hugo winner)


“In Ten Thousand Thunders, Brian Trent layers dazzling future concepts upon Byzantine politics upon cinematic action to create a breathtaking work of science fiction.” (Marguerite Reed, author of Archangel)


So yes, this is the best October since I first discovered The Halloween Tree in my school library all those years ago.

And what is Ten Thousand Thunders about? Since you asked:

Gethin Bryce is killed in a mysterious shuttle explosion. But in the year 322 death is just a passing inconvenience, and so Gethin is back and looking for answers. A gifted investigator with the InterPlanetary Council, he is tasked with seeking out the truth behind anomalies that are outside the Council’s control.

His investigation takes him from the enclaves of Earth’s elite, to the battered Wastelands beyond civilization’s protective thrall. For humanity has colonized nearby worlds and the Council holds authority over them all.

Gethin links up with an inquiry team from a corporate powerhouse, and also befriends a grim and reluctant outlander who has an important piece of the puzzle — evidence of a sadistic entity which threatens not just civilization on Earth, but all life… everywhere.


And from all around the Internet, the reviews are sprouting every day:

“Ten Thousand Thunders is a stunning science fiction book that takes place far into the future… an incredible inquiry and investigation into how the past impacts the future… the story was beautiful and terrifying and everything was seamlessly woven together.” (The Lily Café)

“I found Trent’s world building to be spot-on in this book and reading it was much akin to watching an engrossing science fiction film.  The book contains quite a bit of action and a fair amount of political intrigue – in a scientific manner.” (Booker T’s Farm)

The story was like a beautifully woven sequence that played in my mind... A very detailed well written futuristic adventure that will suck you right in.” (Not Another Book Blogger)


In fact, the last few weeks have been a wonderfully relentless series of interviews talking about the book, its inspirations, the genre, the future, meals in Italy, and penguins wearing sombreros. For a ticket to this far-future, you are cordially invited to board the Ten Thousand Thunders express here.


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