The Song of Lost Voices in FSF

“The desert was singing louder than usual as Jack Santos shuffled into the kitchen tent for a much-needed coffee.”

That’s the opening line for my novelette “The Song of Lost Voices”, which happens to be the headlining tale in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction’s July/August 2022 issue.

This is the story that I’ve blogged about a couple of times previously, not only because an archaeologist and Dracula helped me finish it, but because I refused to abandon an idea I had since childhood. I’m delighted to share this issue with my writer friends Beth Cato, Rich Horton, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Set in an archaeological dig-site in Mongolia, this tale of mystery, espionage, and adventure is receiving nicely positive reviews in the trade journals. I do hope you enjoy it.

In related news, my favorite story will be up at Escape Pod next month. I’ve also received my complimentary copies of my novel Redspace Rising, and I’m just over-the-moon (or rather, over-the-red-planet) at how it looks! Cyrus was equally impressed, and it’s really not easy to impress him.


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